Kirkja Leikjahönnunar is organized around interwoven systems of education and software development. We believe that knowledge and skill should be freely shared with anyone seeking to improve their understanding of the dev crafts. We strive to provide simple resources and training toward one's desired skill-set in a focused area of the arts, languages, or computer sciences. To that end, Kirkja activities are woven around one's desired proficiency outcomes, and are woven together with the activities of other participants to support anyone who travels a similar training regiment. Kirkja activities and playgrounds are compatible with the free and open-source MIT license.

Kirkja is:


Kirkja is operated by dedicated educators, comic artists, mechanics, animators, physicists, and computer technicians who take pride in their ability to experiment with the craft of problem-solving-for-fun.

Roles and People

The heart of Kirkja is guided by the Board of Directors. The day-to-day operations of Kirkja are overseen and handled by Kirkja Officers. Kirkja Developers design the tools, code the logic, plan the curricula, and set the milestones for the Kirkja Video Game.


We believe in providing transparency and accountability for all our endeavors.
Our annual reports and accounting material may be found here: public records.